FABA Snack Pack Program

The FABA Snack Pack Program is the charitable effort of the Fletcher Area Business Association. At all FABA networking events, the Snack Pack donation jar is passed around to raise money to buy snacks for children at six different elementary schools in Henderson County, North Carolina. Area businesses also make donations to Snack Pack. FABA members purchase snacks with the donations and deliver the snacks to the six elementary schools throughout the school year.

The program was started, because there are many children in Henderson County who come to school without a lunch or snacks. The government pays for the lunches through the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, but that program doesn’t pay for snacks. During snack time, students without snacks have to watch students who brought snacks eat. The Snack Pack Program works to fill that gap, so that all students have snacks during snack time in Henderson County.

Thanks to the Ingles in Mills River for working with us to purchase snacks at the most reasonable cost possible.