Volunteers Make It All Come Together

2015 FABA BoardVolunteers Make It All Come Together
Membership in a volunteer organization doesn’t come with obligations. But you have to show up to get any benefits. And the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Volunteering at the Fletcher Area Business Association (FABA) provides you with a multitude of reasons to be grateful all year long. Participation results in:
• Deeper relationships
• More business
• Extensive visibility
• Community recognition

Multitasking Masters
Volunteers make FABA work. None of the FABA activities would be possible without strong leadership and a dedicated Board of Directors. Board secretary Kristi Sink, Mission Hospital Vice President of Ambulatory & Ancillary Services, says it best: “It is my pleasure to serve as the Secretary for the organization. I strongly believe in our mission and am proud of the services we bring to our members.“

With few opportunities to double-down with their free time, board members have seen first-hand how their involvement strengthens their businesses while serving the community. “Participating in FABA offers an effective way to connect with people and organizations in the Fletcher area,” says board member Ben Kish, Director of Business Training and Personal Enrichment at Blue Ridge Community College.
“FABA also provides a great opportunity to give back to our community. The organization is a fun way to work with a great group of people who want to increase their impact in and around the Town of Fletcher.“

Live and Learn
Board members meet regularly to keep the organization strong and share their experiences with each other. Jennifer Lane, marketing assistant with The Lane Organization and the outgoing FABA communications chair says: “Being on the board of FABA, I have learned more about our community and the importance of serving and giving back. I was very lucky to be surrounded by smart, successful board members who taught me a lot.”

Michelle Tracz, owner of Michelle Tracz, CPA, CFE, PLLC, agrees. “It’s truly a privilege and an honor to sit each month at the board meetings with a group of amazingly dedicated, enthusiastic, and talented people. I am grateful to be a part of this fantastic group, both as a member and as a board member.” As FABA’s treasurer, she says that her participation has helped not only grow her business, but also aided in overcoming fears about branching out.

It’s Just Good Business
Philanthropy that pays you back is the best kind of giving. United Federal Credit Union branch manager Steve Clark appreciates the opportunity to pay it forward while educating the community about his company. Others know that what’s good for the community is good for their businesses. Even the Town of Fletcher participates. “I am a firm believer that a strong business community helps to support a more economically viable government and services for our residents,” says town manager and FABA board member Mark Biberdorf.

And the relationships keep growing stronger, as Jared Bellmund, independent agent with Carolina Living Insurance, says: “The greatest benefit I received by being involved in FABA is definitely the strong, long-lasting personal relationships I’ve made with other business members. I directly attribute my ability to successfully transition to an independent insurance agent to the supportive relationships that have been formed from my association to FABA.”

Awareness Prevails
The board members of FABA know what’s going on in the community because they, in part, shape its future. Board president Lynn Cordell, of Universal Health Care Fletcher, says that her primary goal is to educate seniors about the services available to them, while Glen Bonetti, commercial sales rep with Morris Broadband says, “Personally, working as a board member on FABA helps keep me current on the business atmosphere in our area.”

Board members currently serving the all-volunteer organization:
• Lynn Cordell, Chairwoman
Steve Clark, Vice-Chairman
Kristi Sink, Secretary
Michelle Tracz, Treasurer
David Jordan, Membership
Jennifer Lane, Communications and Marketing
• Jared Bellmund, Welcome
• Teona Rodriguez, Events
• Glen Bonetti, Events
• Mark Biberdorf, Town Representative
Ben Kish, Fundraising

Thank you all for your service.