The Value of Volunteering

everyone's inThe Value of Volunteering

The adage that “what goes around, comes around,” is never more true when applied to the concept of philanthropy for businesses. When you give of your time, talent and treasures, you reap immeasurable rewards in anybody’s book — religious and secular alike.

Whether you write a check to your favorite charity, provide your talent to complete a task for a nonprofit organization or staff a booth at a fundraising event, you (and your company) will benefit. Every form of giving has its rewards, but the personal involvement required from volunteers brings with it its own set of special benefits.

The Whole Package
When you volunteer for a good cause, in reality, you are giving your treasures because time is money for every small business owner. Your talents are appreciated as you perform the task that you’ve offered to tackle. Volunteering truly involves the entire trio of charitable tithes.

And it’s personal. It’s about you and the people you touch. Volunteering puts you directly in front of the people you hope to help, the causes in which you believe and your fellow volunteers who share your values. Volunteering encompasses philanthropy to the fullest extent of the laws of giving and receiving.

Reap Your Just Rewards
While the recipients of your generosity surely benefit from your volunteering, you too can expect to be rewarded in a number of ways, and not always in the way you might expect. Common benefits of volunteering include:

  • Name recognition
  • Being associated with a good cause
  • Publicity
  • Exposure

At the same time, other more subtle benefits take place within your company and your customer base. These may include:

  • Increased sales
  • New clients
  • Improved morale
  • Unexpected opportunities for growth

The Laws at Work
Universal laws don’t always work in the way you might easily recognize. While you may expect to get business from your fellow volunteers following a big event, the new account may in actuality come from across the country from a completely unaffiliated source.

The law of “paying it forward” means that you don’t look for a direct response to your generosity from the source to which you gave. Instead, it means that you have set in motion the energy called “karma” by the Buddhists and your “just due” by Baptists. And you never know when or where or from whom your payback will come.

Gratitude Multiplied
And never mind all the tangible rewards. Volunteering just feels good. You get kudos from your friends and colleagues; you know that you are doing a good thing, which in turn helps you feel good about yourself. No matter what your motives for volunteering happen to be, the joy of giving will take hold of you and even may turn into an addiction.

If the volunteering bug has hit you and your team, look no further than your local business association. The Fletcher Area Business Association (FABA) relies entirely on volunteers to make this wonderful group of business professionals work so well. And they reap what they sow on a regular basis, which is why they keep coming back for more.

In fact, FABA does its own giving back as an organization. The Snack Pack Program provides snacks to school kids at Fletcher Elementary School who otherwise would not have them. In 2014, FABA helped almost 200 kids a week. The individual businesses and business owners who donate to the Snack Pack Program are giving back to the community with no thought of any return. You can join us anytime.

Written by FABA member Ray Access, which provides clear, consistent online writing services. For businesses, we make your website attract attention and improve your bottom line. For web professionals, we make content delays disappear.