Q: Can any FABA member rent or use the FABA email lists to send information out to the membership?

A: Unfortunately it is against our privacy policy to sell or rent our email list to anybody, including third party resources.

Here is our FABA Email Policy —
FABA does not share its newsletter email lists with any third party. FABA’s newsletters are intended to convey FABA news to its members and others that have joined our mailing list. The list is not open to members to use for their own marketing communications, however, non-profits may make a request of the Marketing Communications Chair, subject to Board approval, to distribute area information of general interest.

Members can add their news and information to the general newsletter, which is sent via email on a regular basis, and archived on the website.


Q: If I join in April for a year, will I have to renew in January?

A: Our calendar year is January – December, and dues are prorated by quarter, so if you join in April you will only pay 75% of the annual dues. If you join during the fourth quarter, we require payment for the following year membership at the same time.


Q: Do you have to be a member of the Henderson County Chamber of commerce to be a member of FABA?

A: No, these are two independent business organizations.


Q: Is there a cost to host a Focus After Five event?

A: Yes. There is a $100 fee to host an event. The host is the sponsored member of the month on FABA’s website, receives extra marketing, and the event brings extra people to their place of business.


Q: If my organization joins FABA, what can we expect from our FABA membership?

A: FABA is a great way to network with other businesses in Fletcher and the surrounding area.  FABA hosts monthly after hours business networking events (Focus After Five).  FABA also hosts a morning networking event called FABA Coffee Club every month.  Beginning 2015, FABA will also host quarterly business education seminars for our members. Finally, there are opportunities to participate in committees that give your organization even more opportunity to participate, network and contribute to the community. FABA is a wonderful way to get involved with the business community and is a real value at $125 annually.


Q: Do you have to be a FABA member in order to participate in the Expo?

A: No. But, it costs $135. It is less expensive to become a member (pro-rated) plus Expo signup at just $115.


Q: My info on the FABA Website is not accurate. How do I get this updated?

A: Complete the FABA Member Profile form. Follow the instructions on the form to have your information updated on the FABA Website.


Q: If I am a renewing member, will I be invoiced each year for my membership dues?

A: Yes. Your membership is active only if you have paid your current annual membership dues. To make this easier for you, FABA will send you an invoice in the 4th quarter of each calendar year.Simply pay it by mailing a check, through PayPal, or stop one of the Board members you see at the event and ask them to swipe your credit card.


Q:  How can I promote my business through FABA

A:  You can promote your business by hosing a Fletcher After Five event, attend bi-monthly Coffee Club leads group, send announcements to post to the FABA website or Facebook – attend other Fletcher After Five events – collaborate with other like minded members to promote your products or services – volunteer to serve on a FABA Committee.