Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership in the Fleatcher Area Business Association

Local Networking Opportunities

FABA’s networking opportunities is the number one benefit of being a business member. There is no better way than to meet prospective clients than by attendance and participation in the various FABA hosted events designed specifically to encourage networking. FABA members do business with FABA members. Referrals, by FABA and/or individual FABA members businesses, offered to a potential client or customer creates many more business opportunities.

We currently provide three great opportunities to create meaningful connections that help grow your business.

A little about networking

Networking is an essential skill for most business people. The strong association between the business person and his or her business demands that he or she get out into the world and create and maintain business relationships. Here is some basic information to help you improve your networking skills and extend your reach.

  • A pocket full of business cards is always a necessity. However, you also need to make a good memorable first impression. The first impression process occurs in every new situation. Within the first few seconds, people pass judgment on you; looking for common surface clues. Once the first impression is made, it is virtually irreversible. So, be at you best. Create visibility, find marketing opportunities, leverage your contacts and build your referral network.
  • Timely and consistent follow-up is the key to successful marketing. Meeting someone once is rarely enough to bring you business…repeated contacts are what do the trick . Repeated attendance at networking meetings like FABA’s Focus After Five Event is one way to do these follow-ups.
  • The FABA Focus After Five Event is a monthly networking opportunity set in a casual social environment. Attendance averages about 80 individuals, all types of businesses are represented, and regulars to the event often form lasting business relationships through contacts established at these events. The venue changes from month to month, allowing different host and sponsoring companies to promote their location, product or service. FABA members have access to the Focus After Five Events schedule and receive timely reminder notices prior to each event. FABA members are encouraged to bring a potential business member guests to these events each month in order to broaden FABA’s membership roles and enlarge the FABA networking community. As a FABA member your business or organization can host a Focus After Five event.

Community Awareness

A equally important benefit is FABA’s highly visible presence in the community.

This presence occurs in two ways. First, FABA is engaged in a strong campaign to promote FABA to the public as a “Chamber of Commerce-like” organization and the FABA Website that the public will often want to visit to learn about our members.

Second, by sponsoring and/or supporting various public events, promoting and hosting business related functions with the public invited and having a strong positive relationship with the Town of Fletcher, the local Rotary Chapter, and others, FABA is a meaningful organization with strong roots in the local WNC communities.

Your membership status in FABA and reference to this FABA Website can be used on your advertising and promotional materials.  As a recognized Business Member of FABA, this awareness places YOUR business in the eyes and minds of the local public first.

Business Exposure and Promotional Opportunities

As a member of FABA, there is a valuable opportunity to present and promote your business to the general public on YOUR individual business “profile pages” on this FABA Website. These profile pages include all appropriate business contact information, a full length business description write-up prepared by you, your business LOGO and a direct link to your business Website. Businesses also have the ability to purchase commercial advertising space on their profile page for added promotional opportunities.

Additionally, business exposure can be achieved by participation in the FABA Annual Business Expo which is open to, and well attended by, the local public community.

What to visit next!

We encourage you to Meet the Board, read about our Committees, and learn about FABA News & Events.