Committee / Volunteer

Please contact the board if you are interested in volunteering!


The Executive committee is comprised of the elected officers: Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and each standing committee Chair person. The Chairman of the Board Chairs the Executive Committee. The responsibilities of the Executive committee are to serve as the FABA supervisory and policy guiding body and makes recommendations to the full Board of Directors for approval prior to implementation.


The Membership Committee is a standing committee responsible for interfacing with potential new business members to provide personal membership information through the FABA website as well as all activities related to membership retention and growth. Additional responsibilities are to interface directly with the FABA business members to make sure the profile contact information is maintained current and up to date whenever the need arises, as in the case of ‘bounced’ e-mails or returned USPS mail.

Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for ensuring that new FABA member businesses and new Fletcher area businesses are made to feel welcome and important to our community. The Committee is also responsible for providing updates and newsworthy policy issues and other relevant matters to the membership body via the Board of Directors and our website.

Communications and Marketing

The Communications and Marketing Committee is a standing committee whose responsibilities include producing and ensuring exceptional communication with the membership via website, email, newsletter, blog, or other media regarding organizational activities, events, announcements, etc.  Maintains the organization’s website and ensures that data is current, relevant, and accurate.

Communications also distributes FABA related publicity, advertising, press releases, etc. for general public consumption. Each committee chair shall also provide and input blog posts about current happenings, their committee standings and general information as available.


The Events Committee is a standing committee responsible for planning and organizing of all FABA hosted events. These events include; the monthly Focus After Five Event (2nd Thursday each month), Tuesday Coffee Club (1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month), Quarterly Business Workshops, the Annual Business Expo, Annual Holiday Celebration (for Members), and any other FABA special events as approved by the Board of Directions. The duties of Events Committee are performed at the direction of the Executive Committee.


The Fundraising Committee is a standing committee responsible for leading all fundraising activities for the FABA. The Board of Directors has recently adopted a special cause concerned with feeding the children at Fletcher Elementary School (Snack Pack program).