All about the Fletcher Area Business Association

Who is FABA?

The Fletcher Area Business Association (FABA) is a not for profit organization with its members comprised of local Fletcher and surrounding area businesses located here in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Each business member provides a representative, or contact person, which makes up the general membership body of FABA, The “FABA Board” and “Committees” are made up of all volunteers from this membership body.

The Fletcher Area Business Association operates under an Executive Committee comprised of the elected officers; Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Executive Committee acts as the policy making body subject to approval of the Board, which consists of eleven members from the membership at large.

Committee chair persons, appointed by the Chairman, are usually board members who volunteer their time and expertise as needed.

What does FABA do?

FABA was initially created to provide:

  1. A common voice to address local area business issues.
  2. An information and educational resource for new and existing businesses.
  3. Support for local economic and business development.
  4. A pleasant environment for effective Networking opportunities among our members.

Over time, the Fletcher Area Business Association has evolved into more than just a members organization. Today, in addition to our initial goals, we now:

  1. Actively promote our local businesses to the general public through this website and other advertising media.
  2. Offer the public the opportunity to meet face to face with our business members at our annual FABA Business Expo.
  3. Host functions and participate in community projects, in support of our non business organization members, that are a benefit the local community.

What are the goals of the FABA Membership?

FABA members enthusiastically participate in, and support, various activities as a means to achieve the intent of our motto: “…growing business and beyond in Fletcher, North Carolina.”

FABA member businesses strive to provide the local community with the best business experiences possible and, as a result, are able to reap the rewards of having the local community support their businesses in return.

Educational Programs

FABA sponsors educational opportunities through programs on subjects such as: Web Marketing, Public Relations, Business Coaching, Employee Motivation, Time Management and more.

 Summary of FABA Features that Equal Benefits

  • FABA provides powerful networking opportunities = Gain valuable insight about growing your business
  • Establish relationships with services offered by businesses you need = Negotiate better rates for services
  • Your FABA Website Listing includes photos, logo & full page write up = Presents your business to the public
  • Use the FABA logo on your Website and Printed Material = Substantiate your membership in the organization
  • Display your FABA plaque in your office = Customers will perceive you as a legitimate business
  • Write and Submit articles for the online FABA newsletter = You become published and a contributor author
  • Use the FABA Blog = Join an open discussion on subjects related to FABA and FABA businesses
  • Use FABA Website ads to further promote your company = Broaden your marketing efforts to attract customers
  • Use the Website advertising to offer promotions such as contests, discounts, specials = Attract more leads and customers

Who can Join FABA?

Any Company, Coproratiom, LLC, DBA, etc., doing business in the Fletcher, NC area can join FABA.  Your business does not have to be located within the Fletcher Town limits.  If you do business in or around the Fletcher, North Carolina area we just ask that you be willing to support economic and business activities as a means to grow your business and the businesses of your fellow FABA members.

Membership dues are $100.00 for the first year, and $125 each year thereafter. Dues are pro-rated based on the quarter of the first year (only) in which you join.  Annual renewal dues are invoiced in December and are due by January 31st.  If annual dues are not received by February 1st, the delinquent member’s profile page will no longer appear on this Website.  However, a membership and the appearance of the profile page, may be reinstated at any time simply by paying the current years annual dues.

To learn more about the benefits of membership in FABA, please click through the membership section of our website.  If you are interested in membership, please view our page Join or Renew Now and complete an application.