FABA Member Profile: Roy Dickerson

Roy Dickerson & familyFABA Member Profile: Roy Dickerson

The Fletcher Area Business Association (FABA) provides a platform that allows area business owners a chance to support each other. Active members take advantage of that opportunity. They come to every meeting. They modestly talk about their businesses. They come ready to help others — through personal introductions, business partnerships or valuable referrals.

Longtime FABA member Roy Dickerson has done just that. To promote his local business, Baabals Ice Cream & Coffee Shoppe, he joined FABA in 2012 and always seems to be at every FABA event. A longtime Fletcher resident, he also seems to know everyone, so he’s quick to point his fellow business owners in the right direction. He’s someone you should get to know if you haven’t yet met him.

An Active “Retirement”
It’s an understatement to suggest that Roy likes to stay busy. While he may be old enough to retire, he can’t see himself confined to a rocking chair just yet. In addition to his networking activities and running his small business, Roy also works part-time in outside group sales for Asheville’s Fun Depot. He used to be even more involved with the Fun Depot, but has stepped away some recently to spend time with his ice cream shop, the business he’s always wanted.

“It was a lifelong dream,” he says, to have a family-oriented, old-fashioned ice cream place. He was lucky enough to find a 106-year-old house with a large porch to accommodate music or just lounging. It fits Baabals’ perfectly. Roy opened the business in 2012 at 188 St. John Road, which sits just behind Foam & Fabrics Outlet off of Hendersonville Road in Fletcher. If you know where FABA members Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Brown Family Chiropractic Center are, Baabals is right across the street.

Knowing What’s Important
Roy will tell you that the secret to life (and business) is knowing what’s important. To Roy, despite all of his responsibilities, family is what matters most. In fact, you may not be aware that the Baabals name uses the initial letter from each of his children and grandchildren (Bo, Ashley, Anna, Brayden, Alayna, Leyton and Susie).

He’s working hard to put Baabals on the Fletcher area map. That’s one of the many reasons he chose to join FABA. And he credits the association for helping him get the word out about his business. In addition to regularly attending its meetings, he sometimes supplies ice cream at some Focus After Five events. He also hears monthly kudos from other FABA members about the quality of the food and desserts Baabals serves. It’s because quality also matters to Roy.

What’s Next for Roy
Baabals employs his family members, which is important to Roy, as he seeks to pass on his passion to his children. Learning the business from the ground up will help guide the ice cream shop into the future. He’s working hard now so that his family can take it over when he’s too old to scoop ice cream — which, knowing Roy’s level of energy and commitment, likely won’t be for many years to come.

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