Fletcher Elementary Appreciates Snack Pack Program

Sherri Redden is thrilled to provide a short update on behalf of the Fundraising Committee. We’re making a difference! It is a wonderful feeling to know that we are helping some of the students with snacks at Fletcher Elementary. Snacks help children refuel throughout the school day. Their bellies are smaller than grown-ups’, and it helps kids learn healthy eating habits.

Thanks to all of YOU that have generously provided snacks so far this year. Coming into the cold, winter months, snacks may be even more important as their little bodies burn energy to keep warm in addition to maintaining their energy and focus.

So keep ’em coming, friends! Ms. Garren, the school, and most important, the children, sure do appreciate all you are doing!Letter: Fletcher Elementary Thanks Snack Pack

FABA Annual Meeting Hosted by Pardee/Mission Collaborative

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FABA Welcome Committee

Greetings from the Welcoming Committee!

Warm Welcome from FABAThis is the first year the Welcoming Committee has been in existence.  Our primary purpose and goal is to ensure that ALL new FABA members know that their membership — and, their participation — is appreciated.

I’m chairman of this committee but it functions as well as it does only because of the able assistance of Ron and Barbara McLean.

As we meet new members we distribute FABA membership plaques, coffee mugs, etc.  And, we  discuss upcoming events and opportunities to join one of our several committees.  If you are a new member and haven’t been visited by Ron, Barbara or me, it’s only because we can use one more committee member!  Are you interested?
If so, please let me know.

Bill Merwitzer, Chairman,
Membership Committee